“Art-cocktail» - изысканный вкус самое избирательной публики!

    “Art-cocktail” - sophisticated taste of the most fastidious audience!


    "Девушка в аквариуме" - грандиозное, водное шоу для самого искушенного зрителя.

    «The girl in the glass» - astonishing water show for the most sophisticated audience!


    Двойная доза удовольствия с единственным в мире шоу «Один в Один» - «Близняшки в бокале».

    Double pleasure with the only show in the world «Twin sisters in the glass».


    Перформанс-проект "Юбка" - эквилибр в пластике на оригинальном аппарате.

    Performance-project “Skirt” – Grace balancing on singular instrument


    Яркий, цирковой номер в бокале с элементами каучука и эквилибра.

    Bright, circus performance in the glass with backbender and balancing elements

  • LaLuna

    Пластический номер оригинального жанра

    Plastic show original genre

  • VKletke

    "девушка в клетке" - завораживающее шоу в клетке и рядом с ней

    "Girl in a cage" - a fascinating show in the cage and next to it

Цена: от руб. Price: from ru.

"Twins in the glass"
Twice more emotions, seduction, and temptation in brand-new exclusive show «Odin-v-Odin» - «Twin sisters in a glass» (Russian version of international show «Your Face Sounds Familiar»). The show performers are Masters of Sports in Rhythmic Gymnastics and their sophisticated plastic arts, gorgeous flexibility reveal fundamentally new possibilities in sensational special show «Art-cocktail» - «The girl in a glass»
Sensual show is performed in the Martini glass, filled with water; and if you think that theatrical and club performance cannot amuse you any more, our girls will change your opinion once and forever.
Inviting «Twin sisters in a glass» to your occasion, you will get sexuality, elegance and grace in double, because this is a genuine art, where each movement is perfected, and every girls’ glance arouses flame in hearts of audience.
Exclusive performance in a glass suits for night and entertainment club shows, stag parties, corporate and other mass events.
Several version of “Odin-v-Odin” show:
1. Theatrical performance «Playboy Bunnies» - with usage of theme costumes, atributes of well-known magazine, and certainly with interactive part and secret outcome, because our twin sisters will turn the chosen guest into famous Hugh Hefner and present him unexpected gift! The performance is consisted of plastic arts elements, replete with synchronous transitions and sexuality of two fascinating twin sisters!
*Duration of performance is 9 magical minutes!
2. Club show «Non-Stop» - 40 minutes of delightful satisfaction in the form of “Go-Go” in unique and exclusive costumes for exactly club audience!
*Girls’ appearances can be separated into several parts.
3. «Welcome Zone» - guests meeting – 1 hour. Exclusive offer – you will see full show with synchronous transitions and changing of stage costumes for 1 hour!
We guarantee that your guests will remember our inflammatory show «Odin-v-Odin» for a long time and experience unforgettable emotions!

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